Do I need a building consent?
Generally most building work will require a building consent approval to proceed. Any work that involves additional, or significantly changed drainage, alterations to the building structure and bracing, or external envelope alterations (roof,cladding and window/door joinery installations) will require a building consent. A building consent approval takes 20 working days to process at council. It is best to allow 5 weeks, however, to allow for any council procesing queries to be addressed.
What work can be completed without a building consent

Several aspects of work can be undertaken without a building consent. Examples of work include, but are not limited to the following;

-A new pergola without a roof.

-A moveable studio/sleepout under 10 metres squared in size

-Installation of a new external door within the width of an existing window.

-Minor plumbing fitting location changes, within a bathroom, which do not involve additonal drainage capacity.

– A low level timber deck over 1m in height.

WIll my project require a resource consent

All councils throughout New Zealand have a District Plan which governs planning rules for that particular area. The rules vary from council to council. The general considerations typical to the majority of territorial authorities include the following ;

-Site coverage – A rule will govern what percentage of your site can covered by buildings or structures.

– Height – This rule will govern how high your project can be on a particular site

– Yard set back – This rule sets out how far back from the boundary your building or extension will need to be positioned.

– Recession planes – This rule provides an envelope for the structure to be contained within, in order to protect the sunlight to neighbouring properties.

If your project cannot comply with the relevant District Plan rules, a resource consent application will need to be prepared.

Bluepencil can prepare residential resourc e consent applications, and partners with an professional planning firm for more complex commercial situations.

How long will my project take

The timeframe of a project depends on many different factors. These include the following;

-Complexity of the project, which will require greater design input, drawing work, processing time at council and a longer time to construct.

-Design adjustment decisions by yourself, along with the associated cost considerations.

-Whether a resource consent is required as well as a building consent.

– Builder availability and their programme to complete the work.

Bluepencil programmes all of our work in house to enable us to work as efficiently as possible. We will endeavour to meet your desired project timeframes in all situations.

How can I find a builder?

Many clients may have a builder contact which they have either used before, or someone which their friends and family can recommend due to their own experience with that firm. Bluepencil has many builder contacts who we have worked with previously. Any chosen builder is required to be a Licenced Building Practicioner.  All builders are required to provide a contract for services over $30,000 work of work.

Will my ideas be incorporated where possible?

Bluepencil prides itself on listening to our clients. We always look to present a minimum of 2x concept options, one of which we try to incorporate any ideas which the client may have. The second option is where we can present purely our own ideas as a comparison. We respect the wishes of the client and will do our utmost to keep you happy with the final result. We will point out any areas where improvements can be made, and look to add value to the process wherever possible

How can I contribute to the project for the best outcome?

As a client you can contribute to the project process as much or as little as you would like. We can guide the entire project on your behalf, or we can work more directly with you. Often clients like to have input into colour schemes, electrical layouts, selection of bathroom and light fittings, and into the kitchen design with the joinery. We ask you a series of questions to obtain the best direction for the project to enable your desires to be expressed.

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